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Growentas is a privately held company that invests in brands offering superior products & services and delivering compelling returns.

Master franchising

We invest into master franchise brands that are best fits for Central Europe. Entering the game at a higher level

Selling franchises

We connect you with unique and profitable franchise opportunities in Central Europe.

New products

We scout for new opportunities and turn start-up ideas into successful franchise businesses.

Franchisable businesses

We invest into businesses with proven track record of success and franchise potential.

Growentas invests into Floral Image – corporate floral rentals

Floral Image, an Australian-based success story that has already expanded to over 90 locations in 21 countries across the globe, is now through Growentas available in Central Europe (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Slovenia).

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Looking for an investment into franchise?

Top offer from Growentas in 2019 is Floral Image franchise, already available in Austrian towns of Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Wels, St. Pölten and Dornbirn. Germany (Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg) and Switzerland are also opening up in 2019.

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A new health and beauty franchise in development

Growentas continually scans the market for trends to look out for in the future and scout for new business opportunities. Outlook for the health and beauty industry is very positive! We are developing a trendy, hot and affordable health & beauty franchise.

About Growentas

Growentas is a privately held company that invests in brands offering superior products & services and delivering compelling returns.

Our strategy is to invest in established global franchises, as well as develop and turn new business concepts with a proven track record of success and franchise potential into successful franchise brands.

Our vision is to create a group of market-leading franchise businesses in Central Europe that benefit from sharing excellent support services and networks. Growentas not only invests capital but also - through partnership and operating experience - adds value to companies in its portfolio.

Our mission is to maximize the value of our portfolio brands, for the customers, and for you as investors.

Growentas is based in Vienna, Austria, and operating in the Central European region. Led by a team of skilled operators with extensive experience in a dynamic investment and franchise business environment, Growentas guides its portfolio companies through strategic and sustainable growth.

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